Why Paramount

1. Competitive Pricing

Paramount pricing is not hidden with administration, service or finance charges. Repack fees on split cartons are not charged. (Companies can charge up to 5%) What you see is what you get!!!

Paramount will source on your behalf all product discounts available to your venue. As a recognized on premise wholesaler Paramount is able to source and pass on all agreed pouring discounts. Prices do not change with the exception of supplier and government increases. (Mainly CPI February + August) All promotion and rebates are deducted at the time of invoicing. All discounts are deducted pre wet tax and GST to prevent over payment of taxes.

2.  Relationship

Paramount liquor with the help of friendly area managers, customer service and delivery drivers strives to make your liquor and beverage needs effort and worry free. Paramount liquor area managers will call as frequently as mutually agreed and update you with new products, new deals and as much industry news as possible. Customer service will call with all out of stocks and inform you on stock availability or an alternative if required.  You will get Updates on your progress with our yearly and by monthly loyalty programs. Paramount will problem solve to the best of our ability, with the help of our extensive knowledge and experience within the industry. 

3.  Extensive Product Range

Paramount will source product where possible at your request, and over many years has developed a portfolio which is very extensive and user friendly to the on premise industry. The on premise industry has changed dramatically over the past ten years and we believe paramount liquor is the leader in adaptability to these changes. Paramount is a wide range wholesaler who endeavours to cater to all your beverage needs, not just the fast moving lines. We believe that Paramount liquor has the most varied product range within the industry. 

4.  Privately Owned Company

Paramount liquor is an Australian, privately owned, family company, competing in a market place full of overseas and multinationals. Paramount must constantly adapt to the market place in order to compete and out perform its competitors. As a result of this you the customer constantly benefits. As a family company paramount has the constant of making decisions as required without red tape and a chain of command to interfere with progress. The buck stops with the owner. 

5.  Experience Within The Industry

My family and I have been involved in the liquor industry for over 20 years. In that time we have owned successful liquor stores, hotels and bars. The experience and knowledge gained in owning and running these establishments has been invaluable to understanding the needs of our customers. Paramount also has a sales team that has owned their own bar/restaurants which sets their knowledge and firsthand experience apart from others within the wholesale industry. We appreciate the thought if you haven’t got it you can’t sell it!!!!  

6.  Member and An Executive Member of Nilwa

Paramount liquor is part of an Australia wide group of independent wholesalers (Nilwa). Nilwa is a group of national independent privately owned wholesalers, who work together in pursuit of better buying, and service to help our many customers all over Australia. Nilwa head office works to provide a yearly loyalty program and bi monthly specials to benefit and profit enhance our customers. Nilwa is also a member of the liquor merchants association which provides paramount liquor with all changes to the liquor industry. (Data movements, upcoming legislations and changes to the industry) As a member of Nilwa paramount liquor is provided with a level playing field with all its competitors. 

7.  Customer Service and Credit Facilities

The paramount liquor customer service team at all costs provides helpful and courteous service. Phone Ordering made easy by not having to provide product codes Ordering can also be performed by email, fax or answering machine for next working day delivery. Paramount liquor pick and check orders by bar code scanning and provide a contents description on all split or repack cartons for easy identification. Credit is also available to agreed customers. Paramount is flexible with its trading terms providing, cod, 7 days, 14 days, 21 days and 14th of the month. 

8.  In Closing

Paramount liquor has gained the respect of all its customers and suppliers over the past 20 years by commitment to service, honesty, continuity and company stability. In contrast other on premise liquor wholesalers have attempted to perform and failed in this highly competitive industry. Many have gone broke or decided to leave or in some cases found on premise wholesaling too difficult. On premise liquor wholesaling is a specialized part of the service industry and cannot be performed by inconsistent retailers or wholesalers without a service focus.

Paramount liquor is now the largest on premise specialist   wholesaler in Australia.